Using a unique and powerful hypnosis process to end the addiction physically, emotionally, and habitually.

Have you tried everything to quit smoking?

Maybe you've tried the nicotine patches, gums, and vaping. But you just can't seem to quit.

That's because you don't smoke due to the nicotine. If you really smoked because of the nicotine, those other methods would work for almost everyone, almost every time. But as you've seen, they don't work very well at all, or usually not for long.

Perhaps you've noticed there's part of you that truly wants to quit smoking for your health, and to save money, but another part of you just continues to light up a cigarette. The part of you that keeps smoking in spite of what you truly want is called your subconscious mind.

You need to reprogram your subconscious mind to function as a non-smoker's mind. You can't change your subconscious mind through force or willpower alone. That's where hypnosis can help you to break the smoking addiction physically, emotionally, and habitually.

If you're one of the 9 out of 10 smokers that would quit smoking today if they knew how, you now have a new way to help you quit by neutralizing the desire to smoke and frees you from the pangs of withdrawal.

How Hypnosis works TO QUIT SMOKING

Whether you smoke 6 cigarettes a day up to 2 packs per day... for 30 days or 30 years... 

No matter how much you smoke, or how long you've been smoking, if you're serious about quitting you can easily quit smoking with our hypnosis program.

We transform that underlying drive to smoke in the first place by addressing the underlying reasons you actually smoke:

  • Psychological habit of smoking
  • Emotional escape from life stressors
  • Self-image of a smoker

During your first session, we will reprogram your mind so smoking just isn't so important anymore. We'll cut your smoking triggers so smoking is no longer a part of your daily routine.

In our quit smoking program, you'll learn to:

  • Break smoking triggers that create the urge to smoke
  • Crush cravings as they arise so you'll never need a cigarette again
  • Manage stress and anxiety so they never compel you to smoke
  • Feel more relaxed whenever you want without smoking

Schedule your free discovery call to discover how hypnosis is likely different than you expected and how it can change your life for good.

Our Quit Smoking HYPNOSIS Program

Our hypnosis program offers you a comfortable way to quit smoking without gaining weight or struggling with cravings with just a few sessions and includes the following:

  • Personalized 1-on-1 hypnosis sessions online or in our office
  • Reinforcement at home with hypnosis audio recordings
  • Tools & Techniques to manage stress and cravings
  • Lifetime Service Guarantee so you'll always have the support you need

What My Clients Say

Brook Hendricks


I still haven't touched a cigarette, and it's been over 3 weeks. I know I'll never smoke again and it feels great! My kids and I thank you, Sheila!

Richard Abrams

it Consultant

Exercise used to be really hard, but now I get away from my desk to run almost every day. And I actually enjoy it! The way you teach about the mind is brilliant.

James Tate

Head Chef

I'm able to run the kitchen again. The anxiety is barely noticeable most days. I can't believe it. I wish I did this years ago.


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  • A customized plan to address your challenges. If hypnosis is right for you, we'll discover the right hypnosis program for your needs.
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You have nothing to lose except the habit!

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